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MiMIC RMCE Technology

Tool Stocks

The stocks required for the crossing scheme are currently available from the Bellen lab but are on their way to the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center for distribution. Please use our order page to request them and use the line number below to refer to which strain you need for your experiment:

Line No.GenotypeInsert ChrPhase
1P{ry+t7.2=hsFLP}12, y1 w* M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.0)}2; Pri1/TM6B, Tb120
2P{ry+t7.2=hsFLP}12, y1 w* M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.1)}2; Pri1/TM6B, Tb121
3P{ry+t7.2=hsFLP}12, y1 w* M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.2)}2; Pri1/TM6B, Tb122
4P{ry+t7.2=hsFLP}12, y1 w* M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A; Sp/CyO; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.0)}330
5P{ry+t7.2=hsFLP}12, y1 w* M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A; Sp/CyO; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.1)}331
6P{ry+t7.2=hsFLP}12, y1 w* M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A; Sp/CyO; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.2)}332
* Note: Due to the leakiness of the hsFLP, these stocks need to be kept at 18°C.

Insertions Only
BDSC No.GenotypeInsert ChrPhase
63287y1 w*; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.0)}220
64198y1 w*; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.1)}221
63288y1 w*; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.2)}222
63289y1 w*; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.0)}330
63290y1 w*; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.1)}331
63291y1 w*; P{w+mW.hs=FRT(PT-GFSTF.2)}3/TM6C, Sb1 Tb+32
You will also need: 33216 P{ry+t7.2=hsFLP}12, y1 w* M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A; S1/CyO; Pri1/TM6B, Tb1

X Chr Insertions - These have not been tested.
BDSC No.GenotypeInsert ChrPhase
64264P{w[+mW.hs]=FRT(PT-GFSTF.0)}1, y[1] w[*]X0
64265P{w[+mW.hs]=FRT(PT-GFSTF.1)}1, y[1] w[*]X1
64266P{w[+mW.hs]=FRT(PT-GFSTF.2)}1, y[1] w[*]X2

RMCE Crossing Scheme for a Typical Chr 3 MiMIC insertion

Download: PCR verification protocol (updated 12/13/17)