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Two genomic BAC libraries (83 kb and 21 kb average clone size) have been generated and the clones are engineered into the attB-P[acman]-CmR-BW vector, a special adaptation of P[acman]. Click below to search for clones.

Reference: Venken, KJT, Carlson JW, Schulze KL, Pan H, He Y, Spokony R, Wan KH, Koriabine M, de Jong PJ, White KP, Bellen HJ, Hoskins RA (2009) Versatile P[acman] BAC Libraries for transgenesis studies in Drosophila melanogaster. Nature Methods 6:431-434. [Abstract] [Faculty of 1000]

Reprint: (PDF)  (Supplementary)

Library Data files: Table S3 (PDF) (tsv)     Table S4 (PDF) (tsv)

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Warning: CHORI-321 plates 30 and 31 are inverted. We have discovered that the BAC end sequence data for plates 30 and 31 of CHORI-321, the D. melanogaster "80-kb" P[acman] BAC library, are incorrectly tracked. Please avoid request or use of BACs from these two plates (clone names CH321-(30,31)xxx). During construction of the X Duplication Collection of transgenic P[acman] insertions tiling the D. melanogaster X chromosome (Venken et al. 2010), we selected and re-sequenced more than 500 clones from the CHORI-321 library. We recently re-sequenced at least one clone from each of the 96 384-well plates comprising the library and compared the data to the original end sequence data used to map the library to the genome (Venken et al. 2009). These experiments confirm the data tracking for all but two of the plates in the library. End sequences of clones selected from plates 30 and 31 did not match the original end sequence data. We recently realized that these plates were mistakenly rotated by 180° prior to end sequencing during the mapping of the library. End sequences of clones selected from these two plates match the data for the corresponding wells that would result from a 180° rotation of the plates. For example, re-sequencing of the clone in library well CH321-30A01 results in data that match original map data associated with clone name CH321-30P24. We have performed additional end sequencing of selected clones in plates 30 and 31 that confirm this problem. Users of the CHORI-321 library should avoid selecting clones from plates 30 and 31. Laboratories that have already ordered clones from these plates have been offered replacement clones for their genomic regions of interest. If no alternative mapped clones are available for a clone in plate 30 or 31, then please contact Zhongyuan Zuo in Hugo Bellen's lab for help in ordering the correct clone from the library.