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Michal Tyrlik

Michal Tyrlik

BS, University of Maryland, College Park

Research Interests

I am interested in rare and undiagnosed diseases and what they can teach us about biology. I use the fruit fly to model genetic variations in patients suffering from genetic diseases and unravel the underlying cellular dysfunction. I seek to leverage insight from rare diseases to contribute to our knowledge of fundamental biology and inform pathways broadly important to human health. I am excited by the opportunities that will bring to our ability to diagnose and treat rare and common diseases alike.


Nicoli ER, Huebecker M, Han ST, Garcia K, Munasinghe J, Lizak M, Latour Y, Yoon R, Glase B, Tyrlik M, Peiravi M, Springer D, Baker EH, Priestman D, Sidhu R, Kell P, Jiang X, Kolstad J, Kuhn AL, Shazeeb MS, Acosta MT, Proia RL, Platt FM, Tifft CJ (2022) Glb1 knockout mouse model shares natural history with type II GM1 gangliosidosis patients. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism 138(2):107508.  [Abstract]
Abudi-Sinreich S, Bodine SP, Yokoyama T, Tolman NJ, Tyrlik M, Testa LC, Han CG, Dorward HM, Wincovitch SM, Anikster Y, Gahl WA, Cinar R, Gochuico BR, Malicdan MCV (2022) Progressive pulmonary fibrosis in a murine model of Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome. Respiratory Research 23(1):112.  [Abstract]
Wang S, Breslawec AP, Alvarez E, Tyrlik M, Li C, Poulin MB (2019) Differential Recognition of Deacetylated PNAG Oligosaccharides by a Biofilm Degrading Glycosidase. ACS Chemical Biology 14(9):1998-2005.  [Abstract]
Tyrlikova I, Brazdil M, Rektor I, Tyrlik M (2018) Perampanel as monotherapy and adjunctive therapy for focal onset seizures, focal to bilateral tonic-clonic seizures and as adjunctive therapy of generalized onset tonic-clonic seizures. Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics 19(1):5-16.  [Abstract]

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