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Burak Tepe

Burak Tepe

BSc, Bogazici University, Turkey
PhD, Baylor College of Medicine (Ben Arenkiel/Hugo Bellen)

Research Interests

The Integrator complex regulates the processing of nascent RNAs transcribed specifically by RNA polymerase II (RNAPII). Integrator complex comprises 15 subunits of which variants in four are associated with rare Mendelian diseases currently. Variants in Integrator Complex Subunit 1 (INTS1; MIM#: 611345) and Integrator Complex Subunit 8 (INTS8; MIM#: 611351) have been associated with rare autosomal recessive human neurodevelopmental syndromes. Recently, Integrator Complex Subunit 13 (INTS13; MIM#: 615079) variants have been associated with an autosomal recessive ciliopathy and we have shown that biallelic variants in Integrator Complex Subunit 11 (INTS11) cause severe developmental delay, intellectual disability, language delay, and motor development disorders with brain MRI defects. However, the rest of the complex subunits are not associated with any human disease condition yet. Moreover, the rare diseases that variants in individual subunits cause have non overlapping symptoms, suggesting specific roles for individual subunits in different cell types. My research focuses on dissecting cell type and tissue specific functions of the individual Integrator complex subunits in development and disease.


Lin G, Tepe B , McGrane G, Tipon RC, Croft G, Panwala L, Hope A, Liang AJH, Zuo Z, Wang L, Bellen HJ (2023) Exploring therapeutic strategies for Infantile Neuronal Axonal Dystrophy (INAD/PARK14). eLife :doi: 10.7554/eLife.82555.  [Abstract]
Tepe B, Macke EL, Niceta M, Hubsham MW, Kanca O, Schultz-Rogers L, Zarate YA, Schaefer B, Granadillo De Luque JL, Wegner DJ, Cogne B, Gilbert-Dussardier B, Guillou XL, Wagner EJ, Pais LS, Neil JE, Mochida GH, Walsh CA, Magal N, Drasinover V, Shohat M, Schwab T, Schmitz C, Clark K, Fine A, Lanpher B, Gavrilova R, Blanc P, Burglen L, Afenjar A, Steel D, Kurian MA, Prabhakar P. Gößwein S, Donato ND, Bertini ES, Undiagnosed Diseases Network(UDN), Wangler MF, Yamamoto S, Tartaglia M, Klee EW, Bellen HJ (2023) Biallelic variants in INTS11 are associated with a novel complex neurological disorder. American Journal of Human Genetics 110(5):774-789.  
Kanca O, Zirin J, Hu Y, Tepe B, Dutta D, Lin WW, Ma L, Ge M, Zuo Z, Liu LP, Levis RW, Perrimon N, Bellen HJ (2022) An expanded toolkit for Drosophila gene tagging using synthesized homology donor constructs for CRISPR mediated homologous recombination. eLife :DOI: 10.7554/eLife.76077.  [Abstract]
Ravenscroft TA, Janssens J, Lee PT, Tepe B, Marcogliese PC, Makhzami S, Holmes T, Aerts S, Bellen HJ (2020) Drosophila voltage-gated sodium channels are only expressed in active neurons and are localized to distal axonal initial segment-like domains. Journal of Neuroscience 40:7999-8024.  [Abstract]
Link N, Chung HL, Jolly A, Withers M, Tepe B, Arenkiel BR, Shah PS, Krogan NJ, Aydin H, Geckinli BB, Tos T, Isikay S, Tuysuz B, Mochida GH, Thomas AX, Clark RD, Mirzaa GM, Lupski JR, Bellen HJ (2019) Mutations in ANKLE2, a ZIKA virus target, disrupt an asymmetric cell division pathway in Drosophila neuroblasts to cause microcephaly. Developmental Cell 51:713-729.  [Abstract]
Mao D, Lin G, Tepe B, Zuo Z, Tan KL, Senturk M, Zhang S, Arenkiel BR, Sardiello M, Bellen HJ (2019) VAMP associated proteins are required for autophagic and lysosomal degradation by promoting a PtdIns4P-mediated endosomal pathway. Autophagy 11:1-20.  [Abstract]
Liu G, Swanson J, Pekarek B, Panneerselvam S, Ung K, Tepe B, Huang L, Arenkiel BR (2018) A combinatorial approach to circuit mapping in the mouse olfactory bulb. Extracellular Recording Approaches 134:129-142.   
Scavuzzo MA, Chmielowiec J, Yang D, Wamble K, Chaboub LS, Duraine L, Tepe B, Glasgow SM, Arenkiel BR, Brou C, Deneen B, Borowiak M (2018) Pancreatic cell fate determination relies on Notch ligand trafficking by NFIA. Cell Reports 25:3811-3827.  [Abstract]
Tepe B, Hill MC, Pekarek BT, Hunt PJ, Martin TJ, Martin JF, Arenkiel BR (2018) Single-cell RNA-seq of mouse olfactory bulb reveals cellular heterogeneity and activity-dependent molecular census of adult-born neurons. Cell Reports 25:2689-2703.  [Abstract]
Liu G, Patel JM, Tepe B, McClard CK, Swanson J, Quast KB, Arenkiel BR (2018) An objective and reproducible test of olfactory learning and discrimination in mice. Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE 2018 Mar 22:(133).  [Abstract]
Liu G*, McClard CK*, Tepe B*, Swanson J, Pekarek B, Panneerselvam S, Arenkiel BR (2017) Olfactory cued learning paradigm. Bio-protocol 7:e2251. (*equal contribution) [Abstract]
Herman AM, Ortiz-Guzman J, Kochukov M, Herman I, Quast KB, Patel JM, Tepe B, Carlson JC, Ung K, Selever J, Tong Q, Arenkiel BR (2016) A cholinergic basal forebrain feeding circuit modulates appetite suppression. Nature 538:253-256.  [Abstract]
Garcia I, Bhullar PK, Tepe B, Ortiz-Guzman J, Huang L, Herman AM, Chaboub L, Deneen B, Justice NJ, Arenkiel BR (2016) Local corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) signals to its receptor CRHR1 during postnatal development of the mouse olfactory bulb. Brain Structure & Function 221:1-20.  [Abstract]

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