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Lindsey Goodman

Lindsey Goodman

BS, University of Texas at Austin (Human Biology: Genetics and Biotechnology)
BS, University of Texas at Austin (Neurobiology)
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (Nancy Bonini)

Research Interests

I am interested in mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases in juveniles and in an aging population. Drosophila is an ideal model system to test potential disease genes and to define degenerative effects in a tissue-specific manner. My research focuses on defining cellular/molecular mechanisms underlying these effects. Drugs targeting defined pathways can further be tested in Drosophila, aiding in the development of potential therapies for patients.


Goodman LD, Moulton MJ, Bellen HJ (2024) Glial lipid droplets resolve ROS during sleep. Nat Neurosci 27(4):610-612.  [Abstract]
Ralhan I, Chang J, Moulton MJ , Goodman LD , Lee NYJ, Plummer G, Pasolli HA, Matthies D, Bellen HJ , Ioannou MS (2023) Autolysosomal exocytosis of lipids protect neurons from ferroptosis. Journal of Cell Biology 222(6), doi: 10.1083/jcb.202207130:.  [Abstract]
Modrek, AS, Eskilsson, E, Ezhilarasan, R, Wang, Q, Goodman, LD, Ding, Y, Zhang, ZY, Bhat, KP, Le, TT, Barthel, FP, Tang, M, Yang, J, Long, L, Gumin, J, Lang, FF, Verhaak, RGW, Aldape, KD, Sulman, EP (2022) PDPN marks a subset of aggressive and radiation resistant glioblastoma cells. Frontiers in Oncology 12:DOI:10.3389/fonc.2022.941657.  [Abstract]
Moulton MJ, Barish S, Ralhan I, Chang J, Goodman LD, Harland JG, Marcogliese PC, Johansen J, Ioannou M, Bellen HJ (2021) Neuronal ROS-Induced Glial Lipid Droplet Formation is Altered by Loss of Alzheimer Disease-associated Genes. PNAS 118(52):e2112095118.  [Abstract]
Goodman LD, Bellen HJ (2021) Recent insights into the role of glia and oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease gained from DrosophilaCurrent Opinion in Neurobiology DOI:10.1016/j.conb.2021.07.012.  [Abstract]
Goodman LD, Cope H, Nil Z, Ravenscroft, TA, Charng WL, Lu S, Tien AC, Pfundt R, Koolen DA, Haaxma CA, Veenstra-Knol HE, Wassink-Ruiter JSK, Wevers MR, Jones M, Walsh LE, Klee VH, Theunis M, Legius E, Steel D, Barwick KES, Kurian MA, Mohammad SS, Dale RC, Terhal PA, van Binsbergen E, Kirmse B, Robinette B, Cogne B, Isidor B, Grebe TA, Kulch P, Hainline BE, Sapp K, Morava E, Klee EW, Macke EL, Trapane P, Spencer C, Si Y, Begtrup A, Moulton MJ, Dutta D, Kanca O, UDN Consortia, Wangler MF, Yamamoto S, Bellen HJ*, Tan QKG*  (2021) TNPO2 variants associate with human developmental delays, neurologic deficits, and dysmorphic features and alter TNPO2 activity in DrosophilaAmerican Journal of Human Genetics DOI:10.1016/j.ajhg.2021.06.019. *equal contribution [Abstract]
Goodman LD, Bonini, N.M. (2019) (review article) New roles for canonical factors in RNAPII-transcription of human repeat expansion diseases.. Trends in Genetics 36(2):81-92.  [Abstract]
Goodman LD, Bonini, N.M (2019)  (review article) Repeat-associated non-AUG (RAN) translation mechanisms running into focus for GGGGCC-repeat associated ALS/FTD. Progress in Neurobiology 183:101697.  [Abstract]
Goodman LD, Prudencio M, Kramer NJ, Martinez-Ramirez LF, Srinivasan AR, Lan M, Parisi MJ, Zhu Y, Chew J, Cook CN, Berson A, Gitler AD, Petrucelli L, Bonini NM (2019) Toxic expanded GGGGCC repeat transcription is mediated by the PAF1 complex in C9orf72-associated FTD. Nature Neuroscience 22:863-874.  [Abstract]
Berson A*, Goodman LD*, Sartoris AN, Otte CG, Aykit JA, Lee VM, Trojanowski JQ, Bonini NM (2019) Drosophila Ref1/ALYREF regulates transcription and toxicity associated with ALS/FTD disease etiologies. Acta Neuropathologica Communications 7:65. (*equal contribution) [Abstract]
Goodman LD, Prudencio M, Srinivasan AR, Rifai OM, Lee VM, Petrucelli L, Bonini NM (2019) eIF4B and eIF4H mediate GR production from expanded G4C2 in a Drosophila model for C9orf72-associated ALS . Acta Neuropathologica Communications 7:62.  [Abstract]
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Mordes DA, Prudencio M*, Goodman LD*, Klim JR, Moccia R, Limone F, Pietilainen O, Chowdhary K, Dickson DW, Rademakers R, Bonini NM, Petrucelli L, Eggan K (2018) Dipeptide repeat proteins activate a heat shock response found in C9ORF72-ALS/FTLD patients. Acta Neuropathologica Communications 6:55. (*equal contribution) [Abstract]
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Yu Z, Goodman LD, Shieh SY, Min M, Teng X, Zhu Y, Bonini NM (2015) A fly model for the CCUG-repeat expansion of myotonic dystrophy type 2 reveals a novel interaction with MBNL1. Human Molecular Genetics 24:954-962.  [Abstract]
Bhat KPL, Balasubramaniyan V, Vaillant B, Ezhilarasan R, Hummelink K, Hollingsworth F, Wani K, Heathcock L, James JD, Goodman LD, Conroy S, Long L, Lelic N, Wang S, Gumin J, Raj D, Kodama Y, Raghunathan A, Olar A, Joshi K, Pelloski CE, Heimberger A, Kim SH, Cahill DP, Rao G, Den Dunnen WFA, Boddeke HWGM, Phillips HS, Nakano I, Lang FF, Colman H, Sulman EP, Aldape K (2013) Mesenchymal differentiation mediated by NF-κB promotes radiation resistance in glioblastoma. Cancer Cell 24:331-346.  [Abstract]

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