RMCE Line MI03458

Parental MI Line:

Insertion Gene(s) Affected Location Position Phase
MI03458Asator [-]4:475963 [+]Asator-coding intron; Asator-RD:2, Asator-RE:2, Asator-RF:2, Asator-RG:0, Asator-RH:2, Asator-RI:2, Asator-RJ:2, Asator-RK:2, Asator-RL:2

RMCE Line:

InsertionGene TargetPhaseMethodDonor Chr.Tag
y[1]; Mi{y[+mDint2]=MIC}Asator[MI03458] Asator0crossing4Trojan-GAL4

LethalityFails to

Highly restricted GAL4-nlsGFP expression in 3rd instar larval ventral cord (GFP green, FasII red; movie available from FCRP)

Donor: Stuart Newfeld, Arizona State University; Donor''s Source: Fourth Chromosome Resource Project (FCRP)

BDSC Stock No.
available from Newfeld lab

Images (antibody staining)

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